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 Letting Go Of Guilt

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Michael Jackson's Wife

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Character sheet
Michael Jackson: is the King of Pop

PostSubject: Letting Go Of Guilt   Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:11 am

The Doc Cast
Westbury Clinic
Dr. Clint 'Doc' Cassidy: Billy Ray Cyrus
Nurse Nancy Nichol: Andrea C. Robinson
Dr. Derek Hebert: Derek McGrath
Donna Dewitt: Ruth Marshall
Dr. Oliver Crane: Ron Lea
Tippy Doss: Paula Boudreau

Jackson Family
Nate Jackson: Richard Leacock
Raul Garcia: Tyler Garcia Posey
Beverly Jackson: Tracy Shreve

Other minor characters
Justin: Demetrius Joyette
Elliot: Taylor Abrahamse
Steve 'Major' Doss: Kevin Jubinville

The Granger Family
Chassidy 'Cassie' Granger: Me
Chassidy's mother, Terri Granger: Terri Irwin
Chassidy's father, Colby Granger: Dylan Bruno
Chassidy's older brother, Sportacus: Magnús Örn Scheving
Chassidy's younger sister, Stephanie: Julianna Rose Mauriello
Chassidy's younger sister, Trixie: Sarah Burgess
Chassidy's younger brother, Pixel: Kobie Powell
Chassidy's younger brother, Stingy: Jodi Eichelberger
Chassidy's younger brother, Ziggy: Guðmundur Þór Kárason

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Michael Jackson's Wife

Join date : 2009-06-27
Age : 34
Location : Dreaming of Michael Jackson

Character sheet
Michael Jackson: is the King of Pop

PostSubject: Re: Letting Go Of Guilt   Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:12 am

Chapter 1
The Arrival Of An Old Friend

One cold brisk morning in New York a 26 year old girl named Chassidy Granger who prefers to go by Cassie walks in to Westbury Clinic. Cassie has sprained her wrist so she goes to Westbury to get it looked at. A few minutes later Cassie spots one of her old friends that she knew when she was younger.
CHASSIDY: Nancy? Nancy Nichol? Is that you?
NANCY: Yes it's me.
CHASSIDY: Nancy it's me, Chassidy Granger.
NANCY: Oh my gosh, Cassie, I can't believe it's you. What brings you to New York?
CHASSIDY: My family is on vacation.
NANCY: So what are you doing here at Westbury?
Before Chassidy could answer the adminstrator of Westbury walked over to them.
THE ADMIN OF WESTBURY: Nurse Nichol who is your friend?
NANCY: Oh, Ms. Dewitt this is my best friend Chassidy Granger.
CHASSIDY: You can call me Cassie.
MS. DEWITT: Hi, Cassie. My name is Donna Dewitt, the adminstrator of Westbury.
CHASSIDY: It's nice to meet you Ms. Dewitt.
DONNA: So what brings you to Westbury?
CHASSIDY: I was just about to tell Nancy before you walked over.
NANCY: And what's that?
CHASSIDY: Well, I sprained my wrist earlier.
DONNA: Nurse Nichol why don't you take her to Examine Room 4.
NANCY: Yes, Ms. Dewitt.
So Nancy escorted Chassidy to the examine room.
NANCY: So how have you been doing?
NANCY: Where are you and your family living nowadays?
CHASSIDY: My dad is an FBI Agent in Los Angeles, California.
NANCY: I bet it feels great to have a dad in the FBI.
CHASSIDY: Why is that?
NANCY: Well then you know that you'll always be safe no matter what right?
CHASSIDY: That's right.
A few minutes later Nancy left after doing what a nurse does.
NANCY: Cassie just sit tight and Dr. Cassidy will be here momentarily.
Then Nancy left the examine room.
CHASSIDY (to herself): Did Nancy just say Dr. Cassidy as in Clint Cassidy? I would die if it was Clint Cassidy. I miss him so much.
A few minutes later Dr. Cassidy walked in. When Chassidy saw that it was Clint her heart skipped a beat because she thought that she was never going to see him again.
DR. CASSIDY: Ms. Granger, I'm Dr. Clint Cassidy.
CHASSIDY: Hi, Clint.
When Clint heard that voice he knew it right away.
CLINT: Chassidy Granger, is that you?
CHASSIDY: Yes it is.
CLINT: It's great to see you again, Chassidy.
CHASSIDY: Please call me Cassie.
CLINT: I should've known that it was you when I read your name on the form here. So what seems to be the problem?
CHASSIDY: Well I was playing sports with my older brother and then all of a sudden I sprained my wrist somehow.
Clint looks at Chassidy's wrist and as he does Chassidy gets lost in her thoughts about him.
CLINT: Well Cassie it looks like you might have broken it but to be sure I think we should get in x-ray done.
CHASSIDY: Are you sure? Is it that bad?
CLINT: I'm afraid so.
CLINT: So what have you been up to lately?
CHASSIDY: Well I have to admit that I was thinking about you ever since I last seen you back in Montana.
CLINT: I also couldn't stop thinking about you since you left Montana.
CHASSIDY: Clint, I think that we shouldn't tell anyone here that we use to go out?
CLINT: I agree. I think that we should what for the timing to be just right.
A few minutes later Clint had taken an x-ray of Chassidy's wrist and later he found out that she had broken her wrist and she has to wear a cast and sling on her wrist until her wrist heals. A few minutes later Clint and Chassidy walk back out to the reception area.
CLINT: Cassie.
CHASSIDY: Yes, Dr. Cassidy.
CLINT: 143, Cassie.
CHASSIDY: 143, Dr. Cassidy.
TIPPY: Excuse me, Dr. Cassidy.
CLINT: Yes, Tippy.
TIPPY: What does 143 stand for?
CLINT: Well I'll have Cassie tell you that.
Chassidy looks at Clint. Clint gives her the look that she knows what to tell Tippy about what 143 stands for.
TIPPY: Why her?
CLINT: She's the one that taught me what it was.
TIPPY: Cassie what does 143 stand for?
CHASSIDY: Well Tippy I'm sorry but you will have to wait to know what it stands for.
TIPPY: Why is that?
CHASSIDY: I can tell you that 143 is mine and Dr. Cassidy's secret code for now.
TIPPY: Oh ok. Then I could wait until you're ready to tell me what it is.
CLINT: Thanks Tippy.
A few minutes later Clint and Chassidy were outside of the Clinic where none of the workers could see them. Before Chassidy knew it Clint pulled her close and started kissing her passionately she of course returned the kiss. A few minutes later they broke the kiss.
CHASSIDY: Clint what was that for?
CLINT: I missed kissing you, that's all.
CHASSIDY: I missed kissing you too.
CLINT: We can't let everyone in the Clinic see us kiss just yet.
CHASSIDY: Yes I know.
Later that evening Clint was on his couch with his laptop. Chassidy was there with him because she asked her parents if she can stay the night with Clint.
CLINT (V.O. typing on his laptop): Dear Doc, I have some great news to tell you. I wonder if you remember my old girlfriend, Chassidy Granger, well she is here in New York with me and she stopped by the Clinic today because she had sprained her wrist and now she has to wear a cast to help her wrist heal. Well anyways you know that when she left Montana we had to break up for awhile but now I wanted you to be the first to know that we are back together today. No one at the Clinic knows about us yet. We wanted to wait until the time is perfect to tell them. Sincerely, Doc Cassidy.
Later that night Clint and Cassidy were in Clint's bed sleeping in each other's embrace.

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Letting Go Of Guilt
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