Michael Jackson & his nephews 3T

All about the gorgeous Michael Jackson and his nephews 3T.
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 Voices In The Heart

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The Granger Family
Maxene Granger: Me
Maxene’s mother, Sara Granger: Terri Irwin
Maxene’s father, Colby Granger: Dylan Bruno
Maxene’s older brother, Sportacus: Magnús Örn Scheving
Maxene’s younger sister, Stephanie Granger: Julianna Rose Mauriello
Maxene’s younger brother, Pixel Granger: Kobie Powell
Maxene’s younger sister, Trixie Granger: Sarah Burgess
Maxene’s younger brother, Stingy Granger: Jodi Eichelberger
Maxene’s younger brother, Ziggy Granger: Guðmundur Þór Kárason
Maxene’s boyfriend Max Regnery: Brett Tucker

The Franklyn Family
Sierra Franklyn: Rolanda
Sierra’s mother, Evanna: Elizabeth Reaser
Sierra’s father, Pierce: Peter Facinelli
Sierra’s older brother, Cameron: Christian Bale
Sierra’s younger sister, Aviva: Ashley Greene
Sierra’s younger sister, Evalee: Evanna Lynch
Sierra’s younger brother, Rupert: Robert Pattinson
Sierra’s younger brother, Milson: Mitchel Musso
Sierra’s younger brother, Torin: Taylor Lautner
Sierra’s boyfriend, Stefan Collins: Sidney Crosby

The Horses
Milson’s horse Ondine
Sierra’s horse Aphrodite
Colby’s horse Phoenix
Stefan’s horse Cindra
Trixie’s horse Petri
Ziggy’s horse Colour
Evalee’s horse Athena
Sara’s horse Bella
Pixel’s horse Anemone
Stingy’s horse Amor
Evanna’s horse Misla
Pierce’s horse Walter
Avivia’s horse Kallista
Rupert’s horse Santee
Torin’s horse Chumash
Cameron’s horse Nimiipuu
Sportacus’ horse Potawatomi
Maxene’s horse Scotty
Stephanie’s horse Fiona
Max’s horse Inupiat

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Voices In The Heart
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