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 The Tale of the Haunted High School

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PostSubject: The Tale of the Haunted High School   Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:50 am

The Wildcats
Taylor McKessie: Monique Coleman
Martha Cox: KayCee Stroh
Sharpay Evans: Ashley Tisdale
Ryan Evans: Lucas Grabeel
Kelsi Neilsen: Olesya Rulin
Troy Bolton: Zac Efron
Gabriella Montez: Vanessa Hudgens
Chad Danforth: Corbin Bleu
Jason Cross: Ryne Sanborn
Zeke Baylor: Chris Warren Jr.

The Supporting Cast
Coach Jack Bolton: Bart Johnson
Mrs. Lucille Bolton: Leslie Wing
Mr. Evans: Robert Curtis Brown
Mrs. Darby Evans: Jessica Tuck
Mrs. Montez: Unknown
Mr. Danforth: David Reivers
Ms. Darbus: Alyson Reed
Jimmie “The Rocket” Zara: Matt Prokop
Tiara Gold: Jemma McKenzie-Brown
Donny Dion: Justin Martin

The Midnight Society
Tucker: Daniel DeSanto
Megan: Elisha Cuthbert
Quinn: Kareem Blackwell
Vange: Vanessa Lengies
Andy: David Deveau

Special Guest Stars
Tucker’s older brother, Gary: Ross Hull
Frank: Jason Alisharan

The Granger Family
Gema Theresa Penelope Granger: Me
Gema’s mother, Terri Raines Granger: Theresa Penelope Irwin
Gema’s father, Colby Granger: Dylan Bruno
Gema’s younger sister, Bindi Sue Granger: Bindi Sue Irwin
Gema’s younger brother, Robert Clarence Granger: Robert Clarence Irwin

Gema’s Best Friend’s Family
Flora Angel Marcell: Rolanda
Flora’s mother, Faye: Kim Rhodes
Flora’s father, Finn: Brian Stepanek
Flora’s younger sister, Hannah: Jennifer
Flora’s younger sister, Fern: Sarah
Flora’s younger sister, Phoebe: Michelle
Flora’s younger sister, Phoebe’s twin sister, Mary: Kathryn
Flora’s younger sister, Jocelyn: KJ
Flora’s younger sister, Ashley: Shayla

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The Tale of the Haunted High School
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